Durkeesox Fabric Duct Air Dispersion System

DurkeeSox Fabric Air Dispersion System

A cost effective and innovative precise air distribution flexible end system in HVAC/R made of special high-tech fabric alternative to all kinds of on-site fabricated traditional ductwork, air dampers, diffusers and insulations.


Different from other products, NanoSox® is a fabric duct weaved with material made in nanotechnology and permanent fire retardant property with no chemical treatment. The superior fire safety performance does not degrade after laundering.

NanoSox® provides high pressure resistant, tensile strength, stable permeability, anti-mold, etc and up to 10 permeation rates for anti-condensation control and precise air distribution configurations. Very suitable for big space cooling and open ceiling design.

  • Light Weight
  • Quick and safe installation
  • Aesthetic
  • Hygienic & healthy
  • Precise, even & comfortable air distribution
  • Condensation free
  • Quiet operation
  • Economical
  • Green
  • Reliable quality

Insusox® (Also known as Durkduct ™)

Insusox® is a pre-insulated fabric air duct system with perfect integration of special fabric surface and high-performance FM approved elastomeric thermal insulation material by utilizing exclusive patented composite technology. Different types of functional layers attached to internal duct face improve the overall performance of InsuSoxâ® pre-insulated fabric air duct system and bring new technological revolution in ventilation system (for both open space or ceiling concealed type of applications).

  • Fire safety
  • Thermal insulation performance
  • Lighter self-weight
  • Quick installation
  • Better pressure resistance property
  • Quiet operation
  • Green
  • Reliable quality
  • Long life cycle
  • High cost-efficiency 

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